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Ok so Im New. Call Me Mario.

 Today I didnt feel like going to school,so I stayed home. I do this once a week, and I really hate missing school. Ahahah plus the fact that my friends call me 'future-drop-out' but sometimes I just dont want to go, know what I mean? Im failing half my classes, and I doubt I'm gonna make it to college. Im in the 10th grade. I was so lucky I made the 9th grade with perfect grades. Now Im just falling behind. I have made the wrong friends, and I have done so many things. I dont regret what I have done, I dont even want to regret anything I will do, or what I have done. But I dont want to make my mom 'upset' my family has been through alot, and I dont want to be a bump in the road. D; Such a bad impression of me posting my first entry like this; ahahah. :/ 

- Mario 
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