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Reverend Dogslaughter


I was on and someone was upset about how they thought they didn't draw well enough. It made me realize that a long time ago I stopped being a good friend because I'm extremely insensitive. It never bothered me before.

I told her to stop being a pussy and just draw already. She said she was a perfectionist and couldn't do something unless it was perfect. Of course she spelt "perfect" wrong(leaving out the "E") and I mentioned that someone who was that anal wouldn't had hit "enter" without the "e" in "perfect". She said her computer was fucked up, but that still doesn't make sense to me if you're a hardcore perfectionist. Even the smallest errors should be repaired, almost to obsession, if you're a perfectionist. So the computer would have been fixed almost immiedately. She went on about talking about how seeing people draw so well discouraged her. I said "You know, that's life. Someone is always better than you, and someone's always worse. If you have trouble with your esteem, maybe you should always draw with people who suck worse than you do. Like a bunch of 5 year olds. Little kids always suck at drawing."

That wasn't good enough. So I told her if looking at good art made her feel so bad, to never look at art, ever again.

It is at this point she started bitching about not being able to just complain. I began to get curious as to why someone wouldn't expect responce of all natures and be in a chat room full of people who not only have emotional distance, but huge physical distance.

I'm still not bothered by my insensitivity, but the subject got boring and I started talking about dogs.

Though I'm curious to find a subject that'll move me.

...things get pretty bad when a conversation about dogs and why they follow you is more interesting(and it's probably because you smell like bacon or fear. Fearful bacon, even.)
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