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Now my exams are all finished =D
I can just kick back and relax

Today on the train home there was a guy sitting across the aisle from me with a notebook and a pencil.
I first noticed that he was left handed.
Then I thought what he was drawing kind of looked like Sonic the Hedgehog
Then I realised that he knew the people across from him and he was drawing cartoon characters and they'd to guess who they were.

Sure enough, there was Sonic =]

Then I got tired of them talking for ages and looked out the window and read the paper of the guy next to me.
Apparently Mandelson is ready to bail out the top car companies that are in trouble.

Then he'd drawn Daffy Duck.

Then the last one annoyed me. Because it was clearly Gnasher - of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher.

You could tell that from the eyes and the fur, but then he drew the teeth and it was obvious.
But the stupid people across from him couldn't get it, and it was taking all of me not to go ITS GNASHER!!

He had to draw most of Dennis the Menace before the guy even clocked on to who that was, and then went OH AND THAT MUST BE HIS DOG GNASHER!!

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