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Just a Story

I decided to go to the beach last weekend just to get away from this piss ant town for a couple days and relax. It was early Saturday morning, about 6 am and my father was planning to go watch the marathon runners start their triathlon in Seaside. He came into the guest bedroom and awoke me and asked if I wanted to go, I said I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to go see people run and to never awake me to ask me a stupid question like that again. Content with my answer he left and I proceeded to dream of a better life. When I awoke, around 8, I got up and headed for the bedroom door, I reached to turn the doorknob when I realized it was broke. I didn’t panic, figuring that I would be able to jar the door open eventually, but soon a minute turned into 20, and I couldn’t get this fucking door open. I was trapped, in my bedroom on the second floor and I had to take a piss. I didn’t have a phone and I knew my dad wouldn’t be returning for maybe hours. I decided to go to the window to see if I could jump, but no luck, it was a good 15 foot drop onto sand, with those annoying little green spiky things that hurt like hell to step on. I was really getting desperate so I decided to open the window and make a rope with my sheets on my bed. I tied two sheets together and tied it to the base of the bed. I throw the makeshift rope out the window and quickly looked around to see if anybody was watching, I really didn’t want some shmuck watching me make a fool out of myself climbing out of a window. But luckily the coast was clear, I sat there by the window for a second wondering if the sheets would hold me, it was a good fall if I fell and I would definitely get fucked up if I did, but my mind was set, I was going to climb out, but just before I was about to go I heard a voice. “ What the hell are you doing? Is your house on Fire?” Some dude who was in the house behind mine, was out on his balcony having a morning coffee. He looked to be about 30-35 and seemed very intrigued by the situation. I silently said to myself, Fuck! The last thing I wanted was some ass watching me and asking questions. I looked up to him and said, “I’m locked in my room and nobody else is here, this is the only way out.” The dude looks at me for a second, and says, “How do you lock yourself in your room?” I told him the lock broke, he then said, “You know that sheet isn’t going to hold don’t you.” I slowly turned and stared with hatred at this guy, what the fuck was his deal, the son of a bitch was just watching and giving unnecessary commentary. I said, “ Don’t you have something better to do.” He replied, “ HA, nope, I’m not gonna miss this, I might need to call a ambulance when you brake your leg.” I couldn’t take his shit anymore, I decided to ignore the cunt and just go, but before I did, I realized that I probably should throw some pillows down just incase the sheets didn’t hold. So I throw my 2 pillows down and a extra sheet to pad my landing, then the dude says, “ You think that’s actually gonna help?” I quickly responded with a “shut the fuck up!” I braced myself and slowly started the descent down, the sheet was actually holding, I was about half way down when I heard the guy go “ahhh.” Haha, He was wrong I thought, I was going to make it, I was almost there then the sheet came lose and I came crashing to the ground right on my side, the guy was right, the sheet didn’t hold and the pillows didn’t pad my landing. The stranger gave out a very long and loud obnoxious laugh. I quickly gathered myself together and started to head back inside. All I heard walking off was that creep laughing and laughing. I’m sure from his perceptive it was a quite amusing situation and I myself might have acted the same way, but I still really hate that dude for being such an ass about it and I hope something much worse happens to him.
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