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Poetic Justice

So last summer I was selling security systems door to door in Spokane WA when a total hottie answered one of the doors i knocked on. I could tell after a couple of minutes that I wasn't going to get her to buy anything but I kept talking to her anyway cause she was hot. Then this dude came up from the detached garage or shed or whatever it was to the side of the house I didn't pay much attention cause i was busy talking to the hot girl and then the girl said "oh ya, if you're trying to sell something you'll have to talk to my boyfriend, he's kinda in charge around here." so I looked at this dude and he was obviously a hardened thug, probably a crip judging from the colors he was wearing and the graffiti in the area, and he definitely didn't like me talking to his girlfriend. So i decided i would give this guy a couple of lines to try to sell to him and get the hell out. However, as I was talking to him getting ready to leave some other dude who was probably either on drugs or should have been came out of the house and started circling me. Then he got the way of my leaving and was all "I wanna check out your merchandise. Get in the house." So I was like "that's cool" and i stepped in the front door. I got into about the center of the front room and this dude started shoving me and screaming "up against the wall!" I turned sideways towards him and leaned in a bit so it wasn't so easy for him to push me and said "whoa! what? did you want to frisk me?" and the guy was like "Hell, ya i frisk you!!" and the girl called the dude by name but i can't remember it and she was saying something along the lines of "calm down, you're gonna get yourself put back in jail." but i can't remember exactly cause my attention had shifted from the hot girl to the belligerent crackhead who was trying to decide if he wanted to rape me, beat me, or beat me then rape me. and this dude was yelling at the top of his lungs "NO! HE'S FUCKING FED TRYING TO GET ALL UP IN OUR SHIT! WELL I'M GONNA GET ALL UP IN HIM!" He reached across my front real slow like he was going for my junk but i breathed a silent sigh of relief when he kept going and grabbed at my left pocket where my cell phone was poking out a bit and said "whats that?" I pulled out my phone and car keys and was like "just my keys and crappy phone." Then i reached slowly into my right pocket to pull out my wallet and the other first dude said "nuh uh we don't play like that." but i kept going and said "it's just my wallet." luckily i had spent all my money on groceries that morning so it was empty, except for my id's one of which is an airforce card I have cause my of my dad which only says "United States Uniformed Services" on the top of it and is definitely official looking. I was sure that if they saw that I was dead so I made like the cards were totally unimportant and shuffled through them real quick so they couldn't see what any of them were. They laughed at me and called me a "broke ass nigger". Then they shoved me out the door warning me to never let them see me again. I told my manager what happened when I got back to the office and he laughed at me and told me about how bad it is in compton and stuff and how the year before some girl got held for ransom and crap. and then, he wouldn't let me work another part of town! so I quit and got a job at boys home where I make little thugs in training that got caught pick up trash on the side of the road and all sorts of other crap they don't like. That's what I call poetic justice.
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